Departamento en Astronomía
Astrónomos chilenos y extranjeros analizan resultados recientes en evolución de galaxias

Program Information

The PhD in Astronomy program aims to train high-level scientists, capable of developing original and independent astronomy research based on a solid conceptual background. Both the astronomical infrastructure available in the north of Chile as well as international facilities will be used to strengthen the country´s scientific development.

The graduates of this PhD in Astronomy program will have a solid background in physical and astronomical concepts, and this will allow them to understand the processes related to the formation and evolution of different kinds of objects and structures in the Universe, ranging from the formation of stars to the formation of clusters and superclusters of galaxies. Also, the PhD graduates will be autonomous and creative scientists, trained to carry out original research, which will be a real contribution to the national and international knowledge of Astronomy. The graduates will be able to work both independently and collaboratively in working groups, with a high self-critical awareness.


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Bienvenida Año Académico 2024

La comunidad de Postgrados en Astronomía dio inicio al Año Académico 2024 con una cálida reunión de bienvenida el pasado viernes 22 de marzo

April 12, 2024, 11:44 a.m.

Admission Requirements

To apply to this program candidates must have an undergraduate and/or master's degree in Astronomy or Physics, or have an academic degree or related professional degree similar in level, content and duration. Applicants must possess a solid knowledge base in Physics and/or Astronomy, computational skills and interest and commitment to research.

Postulation Dates

Application opening date 07 de Agosto de 2023 / August 07, 2023
Application closing date 15 de Septiembre de 2023 / September 15, 2023
Program Begin Programa Comienza Marzo 2024 / March, 2024


Directora del programa
Dra. Antonela Monachesi
51 2 204280
Dra. Antonela Monachesi -
Accredited Program 3 years, June 2020- June 2023. (CNA-Chile)